2Flash APK, How Can It Help You to Turn On Flash Light During Video Call?

Good morning friends, welcome to our blog Hindi-English. Today we are going to see a another tech information which is called, “2Flash APK, How Can It Help You to Turn On Flash Light During Video Call?” A lot of people are searching for this question on Google right now, and they can’t find the exact answer.

Today can be called the age of smartphones. Today, perhaps more than 90% of people in the world are using smartphones every day. Smartphones do a lot of work today very easily. So today we are going to see about a new trick, which is related to 2Flash APK.

This is one of the best and free app, which is helps you to control front and back flashlight easily. But we have a one question, can it help us to turn on the flash light during a video call? This is very simple and my answer is yes. So next question is How?

You will get all the information about this app in this tutorial in simple language. You will get the answer here that how you can use this app, or what is the interesting feature of this app? So let’s move on to the tutorial. If you like this article, then do let us know by commenting below.

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What is 2Flash APK and How To Turn On Front Flashlight During Video Call?

What can you do if you want to control front and back flash light of any android phone. Even you want to turn on flash light in video calls during low light situation. I have a best solution for you and you are on right place to find perfect APK for it.

Now many smart phones comes with front and back flash light, so you need to app to control it or if your android phone comes with stock android, you have no app to control it and you have to download any app for solution. here you can find best app for your android and other alternatives, if you don’t like it. i hope you can find best solution for your problem here.

2flash apk turn on flash light during video call
2flash apk turn on flash light during video call

Surprisingly, some Android devices don’t have the automatic flashlight feature. You will then need to install an update from the google Play store or from other secure download platforms for the specific device. Nonetheless, several smartphones have an option to shut off the blinking light.

But, the default setting requires you to toggle on only the hidden flashlight. At the other side, smartphone devices require you to use the front lighting your back LED light and your whole phone. For the best application for control both flash.

The Dual LED light monitoring feature is never included for Custom ROM as well. You have to download Android apps like 2flash APK and several others if you’d like to monitor it. Many applications in Google Play store are available to power the flash light, but for many reasons, we recommend a 2 lash APK.

Free Download and User Guide of 2Flash APK.

2Flash APK comes with quick and easy-to-use function, so this application fulfill your all requires related to flash light. 2 Flash file size is just roughly 500 Bytes. Many of the devices you need third parties flash light management application, like Moto X Pure Samsung’s Galaxy J7, Samsung’s Galaxy J7 Twin, Samsung’s Galaxy J5, Samsung’s Galaxy J2 2019 Samsung Galaxy, Samsung, are very useful for some of those devices like Moto X Pure, Same Sung Galaxy J7 Samsung Galaxy J5 2019.

You can easily use it on your android smart phone which is comes with stock android or your custom ROM. We are put 2flash apk on first position because it is comes with very small in size and user interface also simple and smooth for all types of users.

Attractive Features of 2Flash APK

  • User Interface – If I talk about it user interface, it is very smooth and simple for daily use. User interface is must important factor which is very affect on any app to grow up and top of the any download list. it is comes with server buttons and nothing any other option, because i don’t thing so here you need to more option or settings.
  • Small In Size – If I talk about it size so it is too small compare to another similar application which is worked same for you. Size is around 500 KB only, i know it is not a believable for you or anyone. Now day I don’t think so any apps comes under 1 MB. so it is not take more place in your android phone.
attractive features of 2flash apk
attractive features of 2flash apk
  • It is very easy and reliable to use for any android user because of just it’s user interface. even who don’t know about android that people use it very easily without any trouble.
  • Free Version – It is only comes with a free version only. You don’t need to pay money for control your flash light. Many free app available in google play store and other trusted application download platform but that all comes with advertisement and it completely ad free android application.
  • You can control this app with only two buttons. No to do any other app settings.
  • It size is only 500 KB but i have used it from month ago and did not find any lag issue of any bug.
  • It is also work with all any other selfie or video calling app without any disturbance.
  • You can use it during video calls, where you can face problem with low light situations.

System Requirement For Android

This android apps does not required any special features of android phone, you can use it with your all android phone even which is comes with only 1 GB RAM.

App Name2Flash APK
Required Android OSAndroid version 4.0 and Above
App SizeAround 546 KB
Rated ForAnyone can use it (No age restriction)
Last UpdateUnknown
App CategoryFlash light controlling app.
App RatingUnknown
App Version2.0 or something else
AvailabilityFree of Cost
Offered ByUnknown Developer
Root AccessNo need to access root in android smartphones

How to Download Latest Version 2Flash APK

Here you can find a safe and secure download link of this android app. Also you don’t have to login, sign up or wait for download this application. we always gives you a Google Drive or Mediafire download link, which is quite safe and faster then the other and main think you can download any files with one click.

Supported Android Device

  • Readmi Note 5
  • Readmi Note 5 Pro
  • Readmi Note 6
  • Readmi Note 6 Pro
  • Xiaomi Redmi Y2
  • Sony Xperia XA Ultra
  • Sony Xperia 10 Plus
  • Sony Xperia C5 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Dual
  • Samsung Galaxy J7
  • Samsung Galaxy J8
  • Samsung Galaxy J6+
  • Samsung Galaxy J4+
  • Samsung Galaxy J4
  • Samsung Galaxy J5
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 2019
  • Moto X Pure
  • Huawei Honor 7
  • Huawei Honor 8X
  • HTC U12 Life
  • Asus Zenphone max pro m1
  • Asus Zenphone max pro m2
  • Asus ZenFone 5Q
  • Asus ZenFone Selfie


  1. The size of this app is very small, it will work smoothly in any old or low RAM and ROM android device.
  2. The user interface is quite simple, any person can easily use this app in their Android phone.
  3. This app supports all types of Android phones, in which front and rear flash light is present.
  4. This can prove to be very useful for stock Android users.
  5. This app is really absolutely free.
  6. You do not get to see any advertisements in this app.


  1. There is no information about who made this app, so you may have trouble getting updates in future.
  2. There is no user support available, which means you cannot report about bugs.
  3. Despite being a good one and ad free, is not available in google play store. You have to download it from third party platform only.

Top 10 Alternatives of 2 Flash APK

Here I provide a full list of top 10 alternatives of this APK, if it not work for you or you did not like it. You can try best another alternative apps for your android. All alternatives download link is not provided but you should search on google play store, you can easily find any app which is mention in list.

top 10 alternatives of 2 flash apk
top 10 alternatives of 2 flash apk
NoApp NameSize
1Dual Flash1.9 Mb
2Dual Torch500 Kb
3Front and Back Flashlight Light2.3 Mb
4Flash Light3.1 Mb
5Front and Back Flashlight 5.5 Mb
6D’Light1.9 Mb
7Front/Rear Flash1.4 Mb
8DualTorch758 Kb
9Front and Back Flash control0.9 Mb
10Selfie Flashlight1 Mb

How to Install APK in Android 10 or later

how to install 2 flash apk
how to install 2 flash apk
  • This is not available in google play store, so you have to download it with upper download link. This is Mediafire safe and secure download link. So you will not see many ad on this page and you can download with one click.
  • If you download any android application in your chrome browser, so it can warn you or popup massage will comes, this is not secure app or harmful for your android. Ignore this massage and continue download.
  • Go to file manager and find download location of it APK, click on it, then it is ask you to allow unknown sources.
  • Go to settings/privacy and allow unknown source to install in your android phone.
  • Done, You can install it apps and use it without any restriction.
  • If you already allow unknown source from privacy tab then it is install directly in to your android phone.


  1. Need to purchase paid app to control flashlight?

    I think this is a normal Android app for which you do not need to spend money or buy a pro version of any android app.

  2. Which is best app for turn on front flashlight during video call?

    Here you can find best android apps which is control your any android phones flash light. All people choice is very different, so it is depend on you but that all apps is good and very simple to use.

  3. It is comes with any Bug?

    I have use it from couple of months, because i have Asus Zenphone Max Pro M2 which is comes with stock android and i have tried all apps in my phone but i did not find any major issue.

  4. App size is matter?

    Yes app size is matter for good graphics and more complex application or games features but here you don’t need any special graphics or any other features.

  5. It is totally free?

    Yes absolutely, It is free to use but not available in play store only. Also it is ads free android application.

  6. Can I use front flash APK during WhatsApp video call?

    Front Flash APK के बारेमे मुझे ज्यादा जानकरी नहीं है, पर शायद यह WhatsApp video call के दौरान काम नहीं करता। आप 2Flash APK का इस्तेमाल कर सकते है.

  7. It is works perfect on Samsung J7 and J7 Nxt?

    Of course it works well in these smartphones.

  8. It screen flashlight for video call APK?

    No it is not screen flashlight, it will triggered your physical front and back LED light.

  9. How to get 2 Flash APK for iPhone?

    So this is bad news for you, because it is not available for iPhone or iOS users. Anyway, the APK file does not work on Apple devices. Do not waste your time by searching it on the Google.


Here you can get only tech related tips and tricks. This is not app download platform and here we are not promote any application or software. So use any software or application with your own risk, hindi-english.net or we are not responsible for anything. Keep those things in your mind before use any application or software.


I hope you found “2Flash APK, How Can It Help You to Turn On Flash Light During Video Call?” article useful and helpful for you. If you want control both flash light of any android phones with one finger, you can try it. May be you can get your best option. It is very simple android app and very small in size around 500 KB. If you try that all then i don’t think so you have to find more.

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